Who I am ?

My nomadic experience, my connection with the sacred sites of the Earth, the teachings received from indigenous peoples, world cultures and Eastern wisdom, the experiences of the invisible since my childhood, more than twenty years of meditation allow me to offer you tools towards the exploration of your inner lands, so that you can become the composer of a life you find inspiring.

One day, I chose to experiment, to feel in each of my cells what it meant to be alive and connected to my intuition.

Life then guided me every step of the way towards an inner journey with myself and the tools I offer.

From one adventure to the next, it's above all the exploration of my inner lands for an incarnated spirituality. For me, they are no longer abstract concepts, but a daily reality, enabling me to live my life in a tent somewhere in the world.

I have chosen to live my inner freedom consciously, and every day I compose my life according to the laws of the living, listening to synchronicities.

Who I am
Who I am

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